solutions for various applications

We support the many industries and processes that are important to our world. Below you can explore the key sectors we serve and how we create value for them with our engineering, fabrication, and on-site services.

key applications we serve


Key equipment and construction services for  fertilizer plants and sulfuric & phosphoric acid units.


Turn-key EPC solutions for chlor-alkali plants and derivatives, coupled with on-site services.

pulp & paper

Various equipment related to fibre-line and stock preparation applications for pulp & paper plants.


Evaporators, crystallizers, and other equipment for salt production plants and similar facilities.


Sterile and aseptic liquid process equipment for pharmaceutical and biotech facilities. 

other areas we serve

specialty chemicals

Reliable and high-standard equipment for the manufacturing of high-value chemicals.

basic chemicals

Process equipment for facilities that produce the most common chemicals for industrial and domestic use.


Various process equipment for the production of biofuels such as biodiesel.

sugar & starch

Bulk solid moving machinery and process equipment for sugar and starch production.

power & energy

Heat-exchangers, combustion chambers, ducts, and other solutions for power generation facilities.


Wet gas scrubbers for exhaust-gas control at industrial facilities and other equipment to adhere to environmental laws.

oil & gas

Mid- and down-stream
application equipment for storage and transportation of O&G such as storage tanks, columns, and piping networks.