We get business done within an important set of rules and regulations relating to our social, environmental, and legal obligations.

First and foremost we consider safety of our employees to be paramount. As such, the use of PPE is always ensured and has no tolerance. We ensure that our employees are trained and educated regarding the risks and precautions that must be taken during work within our workshops. Vespro ensures that health and safety infrastructure and logistics are up to current standards such as first aid response packages on-site, insurance of workers, and blood type identification on helmets and personal body wear items.

We ensure that all employees, suppliers, partners, and affiliates behave in accordance with the laws relateding to political, social, and environmental regulations. We forbid any activity that may cause conflicts of interest for us or other organizations, and those that can be deemed not to be of ethical nature. We strictly forbid any form of bribery, illegal or improper forms of payment, or gifts of value, to private and public officials that may lead to any business.

In sourcing our materials (namely metal plates and parts) we ensure that they are 3TG metal free and are free from conflict minerals sourced from conflict sources. We ensure that the metal mills we source from offer humane and fair working conditions for their employees and that they do not violate international or local laws and regulations.

Vespro strives to minimize its ecological footprint during its operations by minimizing waste (via optimized production techniques), recylcing metal waste and residue as per local regulations, and by following local laws pertaining to environmental policies.

We believe everyone deserves a fair and equal opportunity, hence, we make our employment decisions with zero tolerance for any form of discrimination based on ethnicity, race, gender, or background. We ensure a workplace free of harassment and obstacles to professional development, and continously make effort to offer professional development services to our employees.

All employees or partners who have been shown to violate these principles will face disciplinary action and/or legal proceedings.